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Announcing ShoppingCart.NET 2.5 Early Release Download

ShoppingCart.NET 2.5 is here. As a bonus for our loyal customers, we have decided to release an early copy. This is our way of saying thank you for enjoying our product.

At the bottom of this post you will find a download link to the IIS install package.

Can’t wait? Head over to and download it now.

What’s new in ShoppingCart.NET 2.5 

Version 2.5 of ShoppingCart.NET is a complete rebuild from the ground up. Taking full advantage of the new features .NET 4.5 now provides, such as: async and await, bundling and minification, Nuget, jQuery, jQueryUI, routing, unobtrusive client validation, Strongly Typed Data Controls, Model Binding, Value providers, AntiXSS Library and many more . We started with a new blank template, utilizing the new master page and script manager. We added the latest entity framework, dynamic data templates, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 libraries and mixed in our home grown Inverted Software DataBlock as a Nuget package. The results are a Shopping Cart that is faster, lighter, more sophisticated and is likely to convert better than ever before.

Main changes:

  • Data layer now uses the Inverted Software DataBlock for additional performance.
  • LINQ to SQL has been replaced with EF5 to power the admin and the WCF Catalog Data Service.
  • All data controls are now strongly typed with select methods.
  • WCF AJAX services for view history and inventory have been replaced with generic handlers and JSON.NET.
  • Added service for reviews.
  • Reviews are now 5 stars based, utilizing jRating for rating.
  • Added Google rich snippets.
  • Microsoft AJAX has been replaced with jQuery.
  • YUI Carousel has been replaced with jcarousel.
  • ASP.NET charts have been replaced with Google Charts.
  • TinyMCE updated to the latest version.
  • All URLs are now friendly URLs.
  • New add product wizard allows adding products quickly.
  • Upload images now allows multiple images.
  • Updated default themes.
  • Sending emails is now an asynchronous operation.
  • Catalog Service now exposes more product information and supports the latest OData enhancements.
  • Admin menu is new and is now a part of the master admin page for easy navigation.
  • Membership, roles and profile providers have been replaced with the providers in System.Web.Providers and are now using a simplified database schema.
  • Store setup is now a breeze with the three familiar screens replaced with one and more default settings are pre filled. Just select an admin user name, email and password and you are go to go.





Bugs crushed:

  • Tax calculation will now correctly add taxes for a country and state
  • Update panels will work correctly on unlicensed stores.
  • Reset password will work correctly without an SMTP configuration section in web.config.
  • Main products grid is now set to twenty products instead of four.
  • Themes stylesheets now included once instead of twice.
  • Product images sort order now works in all pages.

Get your early release copy of ShoppingCart.NET here

Installation instructions

Sample Store

Many thanks to the team for helping make the best e-commerce solution on the market even better!

Gal Ratner

CEO – ShoppingCart.NET

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